Anyone familiar with backpacking knows that the “character” of hostels is determined largely by the “characters” who stay there. Backpackers are by definition a transient group; thus the “character” of a hostel changes constantly. Nonetheless, it is always interesting (and that’s putting it mildly). Starting below, we will introduce you (randomly) to two of


Traveling today is much, much easier these days in a world shrinking because of technology. When young backpackers first started traveling in the 1960’s (mostly Hippies) there were virtually no facilities (no hostels, student fares or youth discounts).  Everything was strange and new. Today, as travelers get younger and younger every major city and tourist destination is set up


A large number of young backpackers who book stays in Toronto Hostels are here on “Working Holiday Visas”. These are issued by the government to foreign nationals from countries with reciprocal agreements with Canada. These visas are typically valid for one calendar year. In the case of some countries (Ireland and


Our lovely guest, a long-term backpacker, Natalia Preciado left us this week on the overnight bus to New York City – the Big Apple. Natalia is visiting New York on the final stop of her year-long North American odyssey which she spent in various hostels across the land. She made


We have people from all over the world working at our hostel. All hostels require a dedicated staff in order to ensure smooth operation. Of all the backpacker hostels in Toronto, the Canadiana Backpacker’s Inn is the most centrally located. While many other hostels claim to be a short 5 minute walk


Back during Christmas of ’05, we had a novice backpacker visit from New Jersey, U.S.A. In fact, our Toronto hostel was his first experience with hostels anywhere. Eli decided to spend that Christmas here in Toronto. We’re pretty sure he enjoyed his visit. This summer (August 23d to be precise) he has

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