Meeting Place

The Canadiana, voted best hostel in? Toronto.?
“Toronto” translated from the aboriginal Huron language means “Meeting Place”. If this hostel – or hostels in general, I suppose – are examples of that; the city was well named. We met a guest from the UK today who came to Canada to “meet” a half-sister whom he has never seen. Lie is his name. (I know what it looks like but it’s actually pronounced “Lee” but this program lacks a grave accent mark to put over the “e”.)

Lie (pronounced Lee) Moutimba is British born from Gabonese parents. He has a strong north London accent and claims he can “get by” in French. I hope he can. You see, his younger half-sister was born in Gabon; her first language is French and she lives in Quebec city!

I think it’s interesting that two children of the same father can have such diverse upbringings. Separate cultures; seperate languages; seperate continents! Thier life journeys have brought them both thousands of miles from home to meet, at last, in yet another continent. We’re standing by Lie! Good luck and et us know how it goes!

We’ve asked Lie to keep in touch with us and let us know how everything worked out. For the next chapter of story, keep your eye on this site. We’ve gotten to know Lie a little and he’s a rather decent chap; that’s why we’re betting all will go well.

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