“Pearcy” and the Double L’s (Lager Louts)

If you’ve followed this blog you may have noticed that there have been several references to a group we affectionately refer to as the “Lager Louts”. Basically, they are a group of fun loving guys who are given to the most wretched excess in almost everything they do.

These are guys (and a couple of girls)? who met right here at the Canadiana and were with us for a couple of? months. I can’t even begin to tell you about some of their antics because a lot? of them are not to be believed and we don’t want an “X” Rated blog.

They left us several months ago but we still hear from them on a fairly regular basis. They trickled out west in one’s and two’s and are currently spread out from Calgary to B.C. Only Mitch (a charter member of the LL’s) has moved on and is now either in Fiji or Oz.

We’ve just heard from Chris or “Pearcy” as he is known. He’s teamed up with Matt in BC after Matt returned from his trip? with Mitch causing trouble in? the American Southwest. (If you don’t think I’m being serious, I have video evidence of these miscreants in action). I’m going to try to link it to this blog. Matt and Pearcy are currently in a rat “infected” (sic) hostel in Tofino B.C.?

Pearcy went out west to meet a lovely lady whom he also met here at the Canadiana. They got along really well (at first) and I suspect? their parting is due to the fact that she is far too temperate a personality for any of the? Double L’s. ?

While he was here in Toronto with us, we had Pearcy conduct some of of our hostel events where guests can get to know each other. He was a natural choice? to lead our “Pub Crawls” and added his own touches to the event. He and Jono got dressed up in drag and made two of the ugliest ladies we’ve ever had in the hostel! Right now he and Matt are in the surfing town of Tofino on Vancouver Island waiting for “Madders” (Madeline) to arrive? from Germany and fellow LL, Simon to arrive from Calgary. Tofino will never be the same!

I expect to see them back here in Toronto before too long. I doubt we’ll be? lucky enough to avoid them. Chris reminds me a lot of Rod Stewart. He’s not the prettiest lad you’ve ever seen; but, the ladies seem to? flock to? him. He’s living proof that girls may love Koala Bears; but they go out with the Dingos!

Pearcy has a running account of his misadventures on “MySpace” and I’m going to try to get his permission to link it to our blog. Then, you can see for yourself! So if you read this Pearcy, what about it?

Toronto Backpackers Hostel, Canadiana Backpackers youth hostel toronto

This is Laura and Chris. They met in the hostel during Christmas.? Laura was heading to Vancouver, so Chris, being the romantic he is, gave up his job,? temporarily said goodbye to his friends? in Toronto? and followed his heart to Vancouver.?

? With Chris life? is a full-time party. For example this outlandish gesture:

Toronto Backpackers Hostel, Canadiana Backpackers Youth Hostel Toronto? ?

? A fun night was had by all.? (Pearcy in “Drag” with Madders, on left and Genesis on right.)

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