Update on Gentleman Ben

Complete with? a photo taken at the Canadiana Hostel, Toronto.?

If you’ve followed our blog, you might have seen our entry on a fine young man who’s only real foible (as far as I can tell) is he’s painfully camera shy. He’s Ben from Bath – the one near Bristol; not the one down the hall.

In our last posting about Ben, the only photo we could find was a group photo and Ben was shielding his face with a cushion. At that time I vowed (in writing) that I would get a picture of him!

Here’s a quote from his father, Stephen: “Best of luck getting a shot.”

Here’s a quote from his mom, Christina: “I don’t fancy your chances.”

Oh ye of little faith! Look below!

I spoke with Ben yesterday and told him in no uncertain terms that I would post his photo today! He didn’t believe me! You have a look too, young Ben! And never again doubt the Canadiana Blogmaster!

Say cheese…….

And this is what Ben’s Mum said:

“Well done – seems like he gave in with good grace!
Looks much the same as he did 61 days ago – but do I spy a new sweater?”

(Actually, poor Ben has no idea how we got the photo of him.)

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