St. Patrick’s Day 2007

At the Canadiana Hostel, Toronto Canada.

The Irish, I am told, love a wake. And I suppose that March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) constitutes the “Mother of All Wakes”. This date is traditionally held to be the date of his death (circa 493).

I find it? interesting? that the Patron Saint of Ireland was actually born in Roman Britain. In Ireland the day is marked by church services and is a somewhat solemn occasion. In other parts of the world (such as Canada) the Irish and Irish wannabe’s use this day as an excuse for drunken revelry. We had quite a celebration here at the hostel last night. A lot of beer, wine and spirits were consumed and a fair bit spilled on our pinewood floors.

Rob, from Newcastle, organized a party and avers that it was an excellent occasion for everyone to get to know each other. All in all, it was a rather civilized evening.?

However, you always get that one person who? wants to try something they saw in an episode of? “Jack-Ass”? .? They want to? swing from the chandelliers, paint the town red, pee in the shower, or? rollerskate? naked to City Hall while singing? “If you think I’m sexy”? by Rod Stewart.? This can be a real headache,? but afterwards quite funny. It takes a day or two to see the humour, however.? ? ?

Nonetheless, it was a festive evening and we look forward to the next one. The beauty of it is that it likely won’t require a lot of work and planning on our part.? Our motto is “it feels like home ” and many of our longer term residents feel comfortable enough to organize their own parties without telling Mom and Dad – just like they would at home!

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This is what Rob wrote (our Master of Ceremonies):

“It was a fantastic night last night, as it always promised to be. Have you ever heard of a group of young, beautiful, handsome, well travelled, cultured, sophisticated, talented, physically fit, ambitious, thirsty, and poorly moneyed adults get together – on St. Patrick’s Day – with? lots of beer, and not have a good time?

And this is what Maarten who stayed with us for 6 weeks and was one of the Dutch? students? (see previous blog) said:

“Looks like I missed a great night :( St. Patricks day wasn’t the same without all you guys here in San Fran. I miss you all!”


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