Cuban Connection

With? the Canadiana Hostel? in Toronto.

Miroslav came back to the hostel today. He’s a regular here at the Canadiana and stays here every time he comes to Toronto (which is often) and usually for an extended period. You see, Miroslav divides his time between Toronto and Holguin, Cuba where he owns a pension – a guest house. While he is in Toronto the operation is run by his wife who is a Cuban? citizen.

He usually spends, at least,? a month at a time on his frequent sojourns to Cuba. It is actually quite an enviable lifestyle. He has lots of stories of his deep sea fishing adventures at ridiculously low prices because he is considered a “local” and does not pay the high prices charged to? tourists.

Miroslav is? a Canadian born in Poland and has lived in Canada for more than two decades. This time he is going? on a trip to Warsaw to finally introduce his wife to his family there. He’s really looking forward to the trip.

But if anyone is planning a vacation in Cuba they might consider private? “guest houses” like the one run by Miroslav and his wife. Cuban families with? extra room will rent you space in their homes that might save you quite a bit of money. You will also be able to? take advantage of low-cost “airfare only” trips avoiding the more costly “all-inclusive packages” that severely limits internal travel keeping you stuck in one place. I’ll try to post Miroslav’s contact details on this blog.

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This is Miroslav.? In the winter when it’s freezing cold and Toronto is covered in snow Miroslav skips town and goes to sunny Cuba for deep sea? fishing,? drinking rum and mojitos and taking in the good weather. What a life!!!!!


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