Dr. Mesmer

As in “Mesmerize” is returning to our hostel. We are all pretty excited about his impending return. He spent some time with us last summer and he’s a genuinely nice guy. His name is Davey and he’s a physician from New York City – a plastic surgeon, in fact. But he’s not the type of doctor who does face lifts or gives bigger t*ts to vapid twits. He specializes in correcting children’s birth defects – a far more noble use of medical talent in my opinion.

We just received an email from Davey saying he’s going to pay a visit to our fair city next month before leaving to take up a post at a universirty in Hawaii. He’s a lucky guy with an excellent posting worthy of his talents and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

The reason for the initial reference to Mesmer who was purportedly an early exponent, if not the inventor of hypnosis (such is not the case, but that’s another story) is that Dr. Davey happens to be a proficient hypnotist. He learned how to hypnotize people from an eccentric uncle when he was young and made pocket money while at university putting on shows for fellow students. He put on a show for us the last time he was here and it was side splittingly hilarious!

He’s promised us a repeat performance when he returns (sometime in April) and those who will be in the hostel at that time are in for a real treat! The date of his performance will be posted on our “Events Calendar” on our website.

We can’t wait to see you Davey! We’ll be chilling a few beers to toast your return.