Poutine Nights (Every Sunday Evening)

at Canadiana Backpackers, Toronto.

On Sunday nights, we serve “Poutine” a tasty French Canadian concoction apparently first mixed and served by accident. It was a? fortunate mistake? as the resulting combination is delicious! But like all really tasty snack foods it can’t possibly be all that good for you.

The story goes that Fernand LaChance, the owner of a small cafe in Quebec, answered a busy truckers’ hurried request for? an order of? cheese curds? and an order of fries? with gravy by tossing it all into a single bag, saying it would make “a bloody mess”. The resulting “mess”, now? known as? “poutine” has become a uniquely Quebecois culinary classic.

Poutine is a combination of french fries (chips to the British), cheese curd, gravy and salt. In short, it is swimming in trans-fats and loaded with cholestoral. A steady diet of Poutine should allow? people to listen to? their arteries harden and clog.

Our Sunday evening free poutine is a popular event and if you’ve never tried poutine, you’re in for a? tasty treat.? Just one more delicious reason to visit the Canadiana hostel in Toronto.