“Events” at the Canadiana Hostel in Toronto

Each day of the week, the Canadiana Backpackers Inn puts on a different “event” for our guests. These are important activities because they allow guest to meet fellow travellers from all parts of the world. Lasting friendships have been forged in our hostel including, at least, three marriages!

If you have followed our blog you will no doubt be aquainted with a group who stayed in our hostel known (affectionately) as the Double L’s or LL’s or in plain language, the Lager Louts! They are a group of young people who stayed in the hostel several months ago. They? hail from diverse backgrounds and nations; England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, France? and Germany.

They numbered about a dozen hard-corps party animals; in short, they were an irreverant, irresponsible and, let’s face it,? sometimes idiotic? bunch! That might seem a tad negative; but the bottom line is that, as far as groups go,? these guys? were a heck of a lot of fun! They introduced us to such games as? “Centurions” which, to them, is the downing of 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes! You know, intellectual stuff like that.

When the last of the LL’s left Toronto some months ago, I mentioned in this very blog that I highly doubted that we had seen the last of them. How right I was! They are drifting back slowly but surely. “Pearcy” and “Si” (Chris and Simon – two Charter Member’s of the LL’s) have already arrived. And we have had an email from Matt, threatening us with his presence. Jono is still in Toronto and visits the hostel regularly. They’re baaa..ck!

We’ve been working on a solution to our little “problem” with the LL’s. We’ve hired Pearcy as our “Events Co-ordinator” and judging by the large turnouts he’s been getting, it seems as if it was a splendid idea. About 40 guests turned out for his trip to “Philthy McNasty’s” Pub event! Si is a bit of a computer whiz (he’s much too extroverted a party animal to be called a geek) and we’ve hired him as well to tend to our internet connections and website.

Today’s event was an “Easter Egg Hunt” and I shudder to think what transpired. So far there has been no evidence that the SWAT Team has been here so it must have gone off without a hitch. I fill you in on what happened as soon as I can talk to Pearcy, Si or Jono. That will be a later? post. Stand by folks!


Out on the pub golf night

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