A report from Lesley; staff member at Canadiana Backpackers.

You will not believe who stayed at Canadiana this weekend….SHAWN PEPIN!!!

Okay, so you’ve never heard of him…yet! But in the future, he might be a household name. You see, Shawn’s in Toronto auditioning for Canadian Idol.

Shawn hails from Sudbury, Ontario, where he makes his living as a guitar teacher. He spent a long day just waiting and hanging around for his turn in front of the judges. He sang three songs for the panel; “Scars” by Papa Toach; “Some Kind of Wonderful” and the last one was a song written by Jack Johnson.

The preliminary verdict: The judges said they loved his presence and enthusiasm. He’s made it through the preliminary round!

Shawn was lucky enough to have the support of his boss, Jesse Lagace and friend Lori Paradis. Jesse says that Sean “makes him proud”; Lori says that Shawn is “A songwriter and muscian to watch!”

And I say, good luck to you Shawn! See you on “Canadian Idol” this year!

Shawn Pepin

Lesley - Canadiana Backpackers Inn, Toronto Staff member

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