The Toronto Raptors Basketball Team is? among the newest in the? league and the only? NBA franchise based outside of the U.S.A. The Raptors experienced the growing pains? common to? all new teams and were long close to the bottom of the league standings.

This year the team has really? started to gel. They have reached the playoffs as Division Champions, no less! This has sparked a marked increase in game attendance and has attracted fans from all over the world.

One such foreign fanatic is Curtiss Jones from Germany who was a guest of ours at the Canadiana two years ago. He’s an avid NBA follower, in general,? and a Raptors fan,? in particular. He’s come all the way from Munster, Germany to watch his team in action.

Curtiss has been a basketball fan longer than the Raptors have been a franchise; so why is he a Raptors follower? He just likes Toronto and likes to support our team!. (And yes, Curtiss Jones is his name and he is, indeed, German!)

Canada as mentioned earlier has but one NBA Team; but we are no strangers to the game. Basketball was, in fact, invented by a Canadian and the league MVP (Most Valuable Player) for the past two years? has been? Canada’s own Steve Nash from Victoria, British Columbia. Steve is the acknowleged leader of his team (the Phoenix? Suns, from Arizona) and the principle architect of? the team’s? success.

But the Raptors have attracted quite a large following of European fans and a? lot of that stems from the appeal of the city itself. The other reason? might be? that the Toronto Raptors have an unusually high percentage of players from Europe on their roster. Whatever the reason, the young team has done our city proud. GO RAPTORS!? ?

Raptors at Canadiana Backpackers Hostel Youth hostel toronto

Curtiss with his best friend Kerstin

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