Age of Majority

Remember the entry about young Ben from Bath? (the Bath near Bristol – not the one down the hall) Well, Ben is now legal here in Canada – legal drinking age, that is. He just celebrated his 19th birthday and may now imbibe a brew or two at the local pub!

The ? legal drinking age used to be for those who were 21 years of age. About three decades ago, they changed it? to eighteen. Big mistake!

You see, the last year of high school is populated with eighteen year olds. What happened was that students were returning to school after lunch quite legally tipsy! That forced a rethink in determining the legal drinking age in Canada. They bumped it up to nineteen!

So Ben turned 19 and there was a bit of a celebration here at the hostel. His friends (and he has quite a few of them here at the Canadiana) ? took him to the local pub (the Fox and Fiddle) at midnight on his birthday for his first (legal) alcoholic beverage in a bar!

Then Ben ran away from home!

By that I mean he has found? an apartment? in the city. We’ll? miss? him? here;? however,? like? so? many? friends? here? at? the

Canadiana,? he? knows? that? he? is? welcome? to? drop? in? any? time!

In? fact,? he? already? has!? He? was? here? last? night? because? his? new? digs

didn’t? have? a? pillow.? We? loaned? him? one!

So Christina and Steve (Ben’s parents) if you are reading this, we’re still taking good care of your son! And we’ll try to keep you posted!

Oh yes, I almost forgot, Happy Birthday Ben!