Spring at Last!

Well, it’s finally over! I can tell you with certainty that another winter is finally behind us! Weather patterns are changing thanks to Global Warming so the change of season is not as easy to? tell? when? winter? is? truly? over? as? it? once? was.

The temperatures for the past week have been consistentlyin double digits and next week it is expected to be above 20C all week! That’s Spring! Everyone’s spirit has been lifted by the warm weather and sunshine!

Toronto is a really good town, even on cold winter days such as last February – the coldest in almost three decades! But once the warmer weather arrives, Toronto becomes a GREAT city!

There are so many events put on by the city: Book Fairs with guest speakers like Steven King; free concerts at Harbourfront;? visiting? world-class? music? performers from U2 to the Barenaked Ladies;? a? free Folk? Festival;? and? Jazz? Festival;? and? Blues? Festival? etc.,? etc.

But most of all, it brings out all the beautiful people! During our dark and long,? long? winters? we? grow? accustomed? to? thick? heavy? coats? and? pants. Even? the? most? attractive? figures? are? heavily covered and bundled? up? to? resemble? the? “Michelin? Man”.? ? And, I kid you not, Toronto is the only North American city that women can walk the streets bear chested, no shirts required.?

We have officially entered the season of shorts and short skirts;? of? tank-tops? and? tube-tops! What’s? not? to? like?

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Canadiana Backpackers in? mid February. Thankfully Summer is here and Toronto is buzzing with activities.


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And now we’re enjoying sunny, humid, warm weather……….what a blessing that Summer is finally here.?

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