NXNE (North by Northeast) FESTIVAL

The Annual NXNE Festival kicks off in Toronto on June 7th. It’s a four-day showcase of talent featuring 450 bands in 40 venues across the city.

The film component of NXNE features 25 independent films to be shown at the National Film Board of Canada’s Mediateque situated just a hundred meters or so from the Canadiana’s doorstep.

The fullest possible spectrum of music will be presented ay NXNE venuse. Bands from as far away as South Africa; China and Brazil will be featured as well as the United States and, of course, Canada.

Each year a number of the performers elect to stay with us here at the Canadiana. Our central location makes us the ideal place to check out other artists in the NXNE festival.?

Many of the music venues are within a single block of the hostel? as we are located in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District. Last year we had bands staying with us from as far as Sweden and Finland and several groups from across the United States.

We? did a hostel “Event” last year and saw several of the artists including Ashleigh Flynn from Portland, Oregon who wowed? everyone with classic country ballads such as’ “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” in addition to her own soulful compositions.

The first performer to arrive at the hostel for this year’s festival is a lovely young singer from? Oz by the name of Anita George. She has to hire a guitar locally for this gig because I’m told by other musicians that guitars quite often don’t travel very well.

Anita is going to play at Free Times Cafe on College a small, intimate venue known locally for it’s excellent folk and blues music. Once Anita picks up her “axe” (as rock musicians call them) we’ll see if we can inveigle her into giving us a number.

Anita - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel


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