Critics Choice

As mentioned in the previous entry, the NXNE (North By Northeast) Music Fest is in full swing here in Toronto. Four hundred and fify bands in forty venues over four days!

We also said that a number of groups elect to stay with us here at the Canadiana. The first performer to arrive was Anita George, a folk/blues singer from Oz. The second to arrive was an Art/Punk Group from the UK who call themselves the Neutrinos.

As near as I can remember, a neutrino is some sort of sub-atomic particle. But unlike their namesake this band seems seems to be poised to make it “big”! Total Guitar Magazine has called them, “One of the hottest guitar bands of 2007.” That’s just one of the favorable reviews they’ve received.

Our folk/blues artist Anita, once said that performers tend to “look like their genre”. That really seems to be true. Anita reminds us of a young Joan Baez (only prettier). And the Neutrinos, too, certainly appear typical of their music type.

Karen, the singer, front person and sole female of the group really looks the part of an Art/Punk performer. Outrageous (but fashionable) attire; neatly coiffed, multicolored hair – and easy on the eyes.

The males (Simon, drums; Mark, guitar; and Jon, bass) also look the part one would expect. Outrageous (unfashionable) attire; long, unkempt, hair – and not-so-easy on the eyes.

They have been voted one of the “Critic’s Choices” for the festival where they will be playing two gigs. This evening (Friday the 8th) at Ciao Edie on College Street and Saturday at the Supermarket on Augusta Street in Kensington Market.

The Neutrinos, remember that name – and watch for them in the future.

Neutrinos - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel

Jon, Mark and Simon. (I told you! Hard on he eyes, huh?)

Neutrinos Singer - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel

Karen. (Easy, very easy on the eyes!)

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