If you have been keeping up with the blog then you will know exactly who Pearcey is. He is one of the original ‘Lager Louts’ and then he left Toronto to follow an Aussie girl to Vancouver.

Pearcey came back to take over the job as the Canadiana’s events organizer and has been keeping everyone entertained ever since. He has so much energy and a gift for enlightening enthusiasm in others too.

Pearcey loves to have a good time, weather it be taking a crowd out on the pub crawl, being the chef on the BBQ nights or leading everyone over to Toronro Island Park for the day (if you can, check out the Canadiana’s events, Pearcey will be the one taking you).

The great thing about Pearcey is that no matter how busy he is he always has time for anyone who is willing, for a chat and a laugh.

When you come to stay at the Canadiana, look out for the loud english lad in the mirrored 80′s shades, possibly looking either slightly worse for wear after a big night out or getting a huge group organized for one of the daily events.

By Lesley

Canadiana Staff

Pearcey - He is loud - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel