In an earlier entry (“Westies; Cultchies; Jackeens & Dubs”) we mentioned that we expected a lot more visitors from the Emerald Isles. As luck would have it, they are coming already!

Two “Colleens” are gracing our hostel with their presence right now. Lovely Lisa and darling Danielle. Toronto has been their first stop on what is planned as a year-long adventure on this side of the ocean.

Danielle is what we term a “Headhunter” – an employment recruitment officer. Lisa is a Physiotherapist. They have come to Canada with year-long work visa’s and plan to leave for Vancouver tomorrow. Toronto’s loss; Vancouver’s gain.

We did our best to convince them of the merits of living in Toronto – more work, better pay, better weather etcetera. IWe had an agenda. Lovely ladies, great smiles, dynamic personalities; why would we want to lose them to the west?

Colleens - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel

Lisa and Danielle

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