Canadiana Backpackers on “FACEBOOK”

“Facebook” has become one of the Internet’s fastest growing sites and an absolute obsession? to many of its users. It has made its 23 year-old creator a fortune of $23 billion.

I just found out that a former guest of the Canadiana has started a “Facebook Group” called Canadiana Backpackers! It already has an enrollment of more than 150 members!

I think the most fun part about the site is the great number of photos posted by the group’s members. You can revisit some good times with old, friends and aquaintances you met on your travels to the Great White North!

If you have a connection with the Canadiana family or even a passing interest in the fun and activities we experience here, simply type in “Canadiana Backpackers” on the Facebook search bar.

See you online!

Facebook - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel