Hockey Night at the Canadiana

As most people know, Hockey is a Canadian obsession. The Toronto Maple Leafs (? – shouldn’t that be “Leaves”?) are easily the most popular franchise in the National Hockey League (NHL).

The “Leafs” have maintained their popularity with their fans in spite of not having won a League Championship Stanley Cup in four decades!

Tickets to a “Leafs” game are difficult to obtain and very expensive when available. The ONLY way to get tickets to a game is to buy them from illegal “scalpers” that skulk around outside the arena on a game night – an unsavory bunch to say the least.

There are however, options, for those who want to see a professional hockey match.

The Toronto Marlboroughs (or “Marlies”, for short) are a professional team playing in the American Hockey League (AHL).

The AHL consists of the “farm teams” for the NHL teams. The players are just one step from the “Big Show” and subject to “call up” to replace injured or poorly performing players in the much higher paying NHL!

The games are often sparsely attended by fans but well attended by NHL Scouts who prowl the arena with their laptop computers assessing talent. As a result, the players “play their hearts out” in order to impress and earn a coveted place with a National League team.

The hostel organizes tickets to Marlies home games played at the Ricoh Collesium close to the hostel (about 15 minutes by streetcar). The cost is a mere $12 for excellent seats and the games are fast and rough with lots of hard hitting and not just a few fights.

Next game: November 18th vs. Mississauga Ice Dogs. Tickets available at our front desk. And we don’t just sell you a ticket so you needn’t worry about finding your way to the rink. The games are a hostel “event” and a staff member will accompany you to the game.

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