Johan, or Rick, as we call him, is an Aussie here in Canada on his working visa. He arrived in March 2007 at the hostel to get some odd jobs before the summer childrens holiday camps began.

Things did not go as smoothly for Rick as he would have prefered and not long after arriving in Canada the summer camp job that he had already organised before coming here, fell through.

After getting some part time work he had a couple of accidents and with money slowly dwindling things did not seem to be coming together for him.

Then a man from Camp Wahanowin, a great childrens summer camp just north of Toronto came to the hostel to put up a notice for people who may be looking for work. He and Rick started to talk and then next thing you know Rick got the job.

In the spring of 2007 he went to Camp Wahanowin to teach achery, biking, tennis, fun sports and much more. After the spring they kept him on and he spent the summer teaching archery.

If you hear Rick talk about his time at the camp you will see his passion for it, he really loves the summer camps and I know he is hoping to do it again in summer 2008.

After camp finished Rick came back to Toronto, by then everyone was used to seeing him around and he was offered a job helping out around the hostel.

We are so glad that he came back, he is a fantastic guy and hopefully will be here a while.


Canadiana Staff

Rick - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel