Eli came to visit us at Christmas 2006. He came back for Christmas 2007!

Eli’s a New Yorker via El Salvador. He loves Toronto, mostly because he’s made a lot of friends here – both times! It’s really no exaggeration to say that here at the Canadiana hostel, Eli really comes into his own!

When we first met Eli (Christmas ’06) we found him to be quite shy and introspective – a bit of a loner. We encouraged him to mix with other guests at the hostel which he was able to do with ease. He has equal facility with both English and Spanish. Spaniards and Latino’s make up a large percentage of our foreign language students.

Although we were pleased to see him we were quite surprised to see Eli back for Christmas ’07. We asked him what the attraction of Toronto, in general, and the Canadiana, in particular, held for him.

His answer? “I can meet a lot of people here!” he told us. We told him that it would probably happen wherever he went. But Eli insists otherwise. He gives all credit to the city and the Canadiana Hostel!

Eli has done things here in Toronto that he does not do in his native NYC. Evenings you’ll find him out to dinner in Chinatown with fellow hostel guests; or on a pub crawl; or in a dance club with new found friends!

Regardless of who is correct we really like having him with us! If he chooses to revisit for Christmas ’08, he’ll be more than welcome!