We’ve got a new staff member here at the hostel and a charming girl she is! Staff here at the Canadiana¬† doesn’t change much; that is, our turnover rate is pretty low.

Our newest staff member is Antonina or Toni, for short. She’s a dark-eyed, dark-haired beauty and from her name, one might be tempted to assume she is of Italian descent.

Not so. She’s actually of Scots/Polish parentage.

As I mentioned, staff changes are a fairly infrequent. Stunning Sharon (now Dr. Sharon) left us after working her way through school with us for seven years. And lovely Leslie decided to go back to New Zealand just before Christmas after only two years with us!

So Toni is now my new favorite – fickle and mercurial sod that I am! We’d like to hang on to her for as long as we can so we all must get onside to keep her happy.

She won’t remain my favorite for long; you see, my favorite is almost always the newest. What can I say? I’m shallow!

Toni - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel