Re: Steam Whistle Brewery

OK! OK! I’D MAKE A LOUSY BOOTLEGGER! The previous entry “Psst! Wanna buy some beer” Is shot full of errors! We just heard from THE STEAM WHISTLE and apparently they stop selling their excellent amber nectar at 6PM!

I’ll admit I’ve never been to the Steam Whistle; however, I have been known to sample their fine product! You see, we sell tickets for the “Steam Whistle Tour” where you get a tour of their plant as well as a bellyfull of free samples of their wonderful brew! I’ve been known to ask a tour ticket buyer to pick me up a six-pack while he was there!

Needless to say, it’s a popular tour with a ticket costing a mere six bucks! It is particularly popular with the Brits and Aussies – go figure? I’m told you get a lot of free samples for six bucks! And the beer making tour is interesting and educational.

I’ve been informed by one of the “Canadiana Lager Louts” that when I said “open for sales ’til 11PM, I was mistaking the Whistle for the Amsterdam Brew Pub which does sell until 11 PM! However, it’s quite a bit further away from the hostel (about a 20 minute walk I’d say.)

But that’s not very far for a thirsty man looking for a superior product!

(For the exact opening and sales times of the Steam Whistle Brewery read the comment on the previous entry and we’ve never had a single negative comment about their excellent tour!)

Steamwhistle - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel

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