Dingo Dan

“Women may love Koala Bears, but they go out with the Dingos!”

Have you heard that one before?

Quite a few Aussie guys who have stayed at our Backpackers Inn/Hostel, have earned the moniker “Dingo” as in, “The Dingo took the baby!” (You must remember that one!)

A Dingo, as we all know, is an Australian wild dog that by no means would qualify as a house pet. It’s just a way of calling men from Oz “dogs”; but, particularly nasty dogs at that!

So big (6’3″ or 6’4″) Aussie Dan is a Dingo. Now, most men would take exception to be called a dog. But it seems most Aussie men wear the label like a merit badge!

He sent us the photo posted below and signed it “Dingo Dan”!

Dan was a typical hostel resident/non-resident. He stayed with us for a while when he first arrived in Toronto then sought alternate housing closer to his work place.

He always came back on weekends to participate in hostel events, hit on female backpackers, or just hang out – what the Aussies call a “blodger” (freeloader) , I think. But he’s a good guy and made a lot of friends here at the hostel.

Well, Dan took off heading south after the new year bound for New York, Washington and then on to South America. He was kind enough to send us a pic of him outside of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.. wearing a Canadiana Backpackers Inn T-shirt!

We intend to post the photo in our quiet room along with others showing friends and guests in exotic locales wearing Canadiana Backpackers T-shirts.

But I think in Dingo Dan’s case we’ll consider adding a warning – like the Surgeon General puts on cigarette packs – and try to keep female backpackers safe!

Isn’t there still a bounty on Dingo’s Down Under?

Dingo Dan - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel

“Dingo Dan” visiting the Capitol Building in Washington. D.C.

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