Our Hailey and Rick (Springfield)

Everybody loves Hailey. How do we know? Well, they write it in the hostel’s guest comment’s book. It’s always about Hailey – and only Hailey.

Actually there is one comment about Simon written by “Daisy”. It says, “I love Simon!” Except no one can recall a backpacker named “Daisy” staying at the hostel and the handwriting looks suspiciously like Simon’s.

Hailey is a student at York University in Toronto and is working at the hostel to help pay her way through school. She’s got a sparkling personality and she’s built like a dancer; in fact, she’s captain of the University Dance Team.

So a lot of male backpackers “love” and “adore” our little Hailey. They’re the one’s who tend to spend an inordinate amount of time at the front desk asking questions they already know the answers to, when she is on duty.

What these prospective Lothario’s don’t realize is that none of them stands a chance! Hailey’s heart lies elsewhere. His name is “Rick”. He’s an Aussie and he’s (allegedly) famous!

His full name is Rick Springfield and (apparently) he’s a singer. He’s best known for the song “Jessie’s Girl” (yuck!).

So Hailey’s heart belongs to Rick! Most recently, she drove all the way to Florida to catch his concert and paid a bribe of about $500 to get backstage to meet him! (Doesn’t that sound a bit like stalking?)

Anyhow, it seems that Rick adores Hailey too! Check below for the photo of Hailey and Rick; then eat your hearts out boys!

Hailey & Rick Springfield - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel

Our Hailey and some guy with a guitar.

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