Australia Day 2008

Every January 26th is a cause for celebration at our hostel in Toronto. The reason? Well, it’s Australia Day!

The beauty of “Oz Day” is that it requires very little planning by the hostel’s staff. Aussie flags seem to just materialize as the hostel’s Aussie guests get ready to celebrate (read: “drink to”) their nations’ National Day.

There are always plenty of Australians staying in hostels the world over. They are once of the most ubiquitous Nationalities among backpackers. And they rarely need an excuse to celebrate and hoist a pint or three or more. Lets just say they really know how to throw a party!

Signs have mysteriously appeared on the hostel’s walls for the past week announcing the coming of Australia Day. The signs admonished all and sundry to stock up on beer and get ready for a wild night! Meat pies and sausages were prepared for sale and the party began.

Seems that everyone gets into the spirit of things. Scots, French, Brits, Canadians, Japanese, Italians, Spanish, Latinos – everybody – joins in the singing of Waltzing Matilda; a song to which everyone seems to know the words!

The hostel cleared out well before eight-thirty in the evening with the revelers heading for a Pub. But not just any Pub! They headed for the trendiest and most upscale part of the city – Toronto’s Yorkville District!

There is a well known Pub that has been a fixture in the area for more than three decades. Hemingway’s is a pub that caters to the “in crowd” including a lot of “A” List Film Stars, a lot of whom are always in Toronto shooting big-budget movies.

Apparently the owners have some sort of connection to Australia so they put on something special for the occasion. Australia Day at the hostel is always a wild and crazy time!

Hoo Roo! Guys! Hoo Roo!

Australia Day - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel

Some Aussies and Aussie wannabes.

Australia Day in downtown toronto - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel

Shirtless amid freezing temperatures and snow!