Changing Careers

Some psychologists claim that we should (ideally) change careers every ten years for our own mental health. But for the majority – dare I say all of us – that is a totally impractical option.

So what career options does a person in the highly specialized field of Geophysics have? Quite a few if you think about it.

You must first consider what a Geophysicist brings to the table. A strong science background for one thing; obviously a curious mind; and an innate fascination with natural phenomena.

We have a guest named Mark in the hostel who lived and worked the arduous profession and lived the solitary life of a Geophysicist until six years ago. He studied most of the west coast of the Canadian wilderness until he finally tired of living in the bush with the Grizzly Bears, Wolves and Cougars.

He first considered becoming a pedagogue and teach sciences but that would require his return to college to gain a teaching certification. And what if he didn’t like it?

So he took a different option. He qualified as a ESL (English as a second language) Teacher and has been teaching in Korea for the past six years. It has been long enough for him to become quite fluent in the Korean language, both oral and written.

He saw this as the best way to test the waters and get a chance to see how he liked teaching; furthermore, he felt that practical teaching experience would add to his chances of acceptance to a teachers college.

Was Mark’s decision to give up his former career the right one? Has he decided to become a teacher full time? We’ll have to see if he will post a response to this entry and tell us how he feels about it now.

Mark Canadiana backpackers youth hostel downtown Toronto