Francois LeLapin

We call him Francois and he’s a bit of a bear. He hangs around our reception desk 24/7. He’s short, fat and very heavy! He is also misnamed.

He’s actually the hostel’s mascot. We found him up in the Muskoka area last year and brought him to the city. Francois is a carved wooden bear cut from a solid log and shaped with a chainsaw.

Some of the hostel’s residents felt he should have a name and identity so they christened him “Francois”. We even issued him with his own staff I.D. card.

When it came to his surname they called him Le Lapin, thinking it meant “Bear” in French. It actually means “Rabbit” but he was named by an Australian – so why bother arguing the point?

Anyhow, after a year of hanging around reception, some of the guests figured it was time for his first birthday party! They smuggled him out of the hostel to the local pubs where he was readily admitted – his lack of photo I.D. notwithstanding.

He had a great birthday bash at “Hooters Bar” and at our local pub “The Fox and Fiddle”.

Happy Birthday Francois!

Francois LeLapin - Canadiana Backpackers Downtown Toronto Youth Hostels

Simon (the Maori from Oz) carrying Francois out to a pub crawl for his birthday.
Francois - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel

The hostel gang with Francois at “Hooter’s” Bar.

Francois - Canadiana Backpackers Toronto Budget Youth Hostel Accommodation

Outside of the Fox and Fiddle, the hostel’s “local”.

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