The Brothers Three

A little over a year-and-a–half ago we met Evert, a young and ambitious lad from South Africa. At the time he worked two jobs (day and night) living on as little as three hours of sleep a night.

He’d likely still be doing it had a Doctor not insisted he give up one of the jobs. So he kept his day job and works part time in the evenings at the hostel’s reception.

He was joined here in Canada by his older brother Wouter (whom, by the way, now also works for us). That left the third younger brother (Hans) back n South Africa.

Hans arrived yesterday. All three brothers have now moved to Canada.

Wouter, Evert and Hans are Boers who are South Africans of (mostly) Dutch ancestry who can trace their African roots back as much as fifteen generations.

As a people the Boers (also called Afrikaners) are known to be industrious, self-reliant, tenacious and stubborn as hell!
Throughout their entire history they have had an almost mystical attachment to the land of Southern Africa.

So it is a bit odd to see the three of them uproot and move clear across the globe to a new land. It is appening a lot these days and it does not bode well for South Africa.

No matter your opinion of past injustices (such as Apartheid) the Boers are true sons of Africa and seeing so any of them leaving their “home” is a harbinger of hard times ahead for Southern Africa.

Luckily the three brothers have the option of living in Canada as their mother had the good fortune of being born here although she moved to south Africa as an infant. By virtue of their mother’s birthplace, the brothers can claim Canadian citizenship.

We welcome Hans to Canada and we have no doubts that he will do as well here as his older siblings.

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