There was a legendary group that was formed here at the hostel a little over two years ago. The were a fun loving group of five young lads we (affectionately) called the “Canadiana Lager Louts”. There were also a few female members of this group we dubbed the “Animalettes”.

They were a fun-loving, ribald collection of backpackers who became fast friends – a typical example of life-long friendships formed by people in hostels.

After quite a few months of their alcohol fueled antics. The group drifted apart as they continued their travels or returned home. It was a very diverse group of individuals that formed the core of the original Double L’s and Animalettes. They hailed from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Australia and Mexico.

They were a fairly harmless group who carried on their booze filled antics in god spirits with malice towards none. As a result they were a pretty well-liked group of party animals.

The funny thing about this collection of backpackers is that they have ALL returned to the “scene of the crime” (so to speak) for a Canadiana reunion.

The last of the returnees, Mitch from Kinross, Scotland arrived last Saturday and we hardly recognized him! He’s back n Toronto with his financee? who is a local? girl he met in Glasgow. Needless to say, he’s modified his behavior in anticipation of meeting her parents.

Welcome back Mitch!

Mich & Emily - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Downtown Toronto Youth Hostels
Mich with Emily (his beautiful Canadian snowbird!)

Larger Louts (minus mich)

Five of the “Originals”. Lager Louts (left to right) Simon, Pearcey and Jonno wth the “Animalettes” Madeline and Genesis.

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