20,000 Kilometers Around North America

We’ve got a staff member named Wouter from the Netherlands who is in Canada for a year on a working/holiday visa.

He took a break from work for more than a month to travel around North America with a friend by the name of Doree who came over to share his summer adventure.

They purchased a camper van that was older than they are and headed south. They crossed the entire United States to California and included a side trip to Tiajuana in Mexico.

From there it was up the Pacific Coast highway to British Columbia then across the vast Canadian prairie back to Toronto. All in all, a trip of more than 20 thousand kilometers.

The trip was a real adventure and they saw much of North America in the process. And it was not without problems. Their faithful vehicle gave up and died n the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and needed a replacement transmission before taking on the second half of the trip.

It was a costlier adventure than they had anticipated as a result; however, the freedom of their own vehicle alowed them to see much more of the continent than asny alternative mode of transportation.

Their van is back in Toronto with Wouter now and will be up for sale soon. It’s a pretty good buy because it should prove to be very realiable now; after all, it has a brand new transmission!

Wouters Road Trip - Canadiana Backpackers Hostel in Toronto

Doree (left) and Wouter beside a rental car they used while their van was being repaired.

By the Van - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Youth Hostels Toronto

Their faithful 1989 camper van.

Chicago Skyline - Wouters Road Trip - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Hostels

Doree with his eyes smarting in a U.S. city’s smog!

Wouters Road Trip - Canadiana Backpackers Hostel in Toronto

Using public transport in North America.

Taxis - Wouters Road Trip - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Budget Youth Hostel Accommodation

Yellow Cabs, Latino style!(The lads faithfully wearing their Canadiana T-Shirts!)

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