Designing Women

We’ve got a bevy of beauties from mid-Western Canada staying with us at the moment! They are all third-year Interior Design students at the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg).

When we in the East think of Winnipeg, we think of brutally cold winters and hot summers with floods and mosquitoes the size of sparrows!

That’s all quite an accurate description of Winnipeg! But after the arrival of this group of lovely ladies, we have been forced to re-think our opinions of that city!

They are all gorgeous and, if they are a typical of the ladies out there, a lot of guys will be heading west!

As might be expected, they all have excellent “fashion sense”. When they got dressed up for a hostel “Nightclub Event” they turned a lot of envious heads!

Girls - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Backpackers Youth Hostels

The lovely ladies from the? University of Manitoba’s Design School. The only non-lovely one spoiling he photo (middle/left) is Pearcey our Entertainment Coordinator who can never resist having his photo taken with good looking women!

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