Our Canadiana T-Shirts are becoming more and more ubiquitous in backpacker’s circles. Tim Kennedy, a truly peripatetic young man who was a guest here a few summers ago has just sent us a report on a recent adventure occasioned by his shirt.

Our shirts carry the distinctive Maple Leaf with an “Inukshuk” at its’ center.

Inukshuks are the little statues of piled flat stones made to resemble a person and are erected by the Inuit in the featureless rocky barrens above the treeline in the Canadian Arctic.

Tim is now working as a bartender in a popular little pub on an island in the Mediterranean.

He was wearing his Canadiana Shirt at work one night and was “almost tackled” by a young lady who noted our motto on the back that says, “It feels like home!”

It turns out that she too had stayed with us and fully agreed with the sentiment expressed by our slogan.

Tim and his new found friend spent a good part of the evening exchanging stories of their stay in Toronto, in general, and at our hostel, in particular.

From time to time we receive photos of past guests wearing our shirts in exotic locales.

We’ve attached a few of them below this blog entry.

t-shirts - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto hostels

“Alaska John”, in Thailand

t-shirts - Canadiana Backpackers downtown toronto hostels

La Belle Sabine, before heading home to Paris.

Mich & Matt - t-shirts - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Youth Hostel Toronto

Mitch from Scotland and Matt from Oz at the Grand canyon

Lesley in a t-shirt - Toronto hostels Canadiana Backpackers

Lesley fishing near Te Puke, New Zealand.

t-shirts - Toronto hostels Canadiana Backpackers

“Dingo Dan”, at the U.S. Capitol.

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