Myriam–Our Muffin, goes to South East Asia.

Myriam (a.k.a. Muffin) is leaving us again.

“Muffin” as we call her (because she’s so sweet) left us to spend a year in Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories. (She’s forgiven us even though we all said she went to the Yukon.)

To all of us in Southern Ontario they are both freezing cold places north of the 60th parallel. Temperatures of -40 + are quite common in the icy north country.

Well, Muffin has the travel bug pretty badly. Upon her return (to civilization) she went straight to the Big Apple where she spent virtually all of her time seeing Broadway (and off-Broadway) plays.

We were quite excited when she agreed to come back and help us at the hostel until the New Year when she planned to leave for Southeast Asia.

Typically of Muffin, she will be trading -40C(+) temperatures of the Territories for the +40C(+) climate of Thailand!

Muffin is an avid SCUBA diver but we doubt she did much of that in Yellowknife. The water there is freezing cold even in high summer. We hope she can get in a little diving in the warm Malacca Straits or the South China Sea.

Upon her return to Canada, she plans to continue her education (she’s a grad of Queen’s University) and train for a career in Social Work.

Muffin is kind, committed and compassionate. Qualities that will stand her well in her chosen field. And that’s not to mention that she’s very sweet too!

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Myriam at the Front Desk. What’s that on the counter? You guessed it – a Muffin!

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