Two years ago we had a long-term English language student from Venezuela named Katuiska (or Katy, for short) staying with us at the hostel.

Katy has been described by Teresa (our Head of Housekeeping) as being, without question, the nicest, kindest and loveliest guest that she had ever met.

Most of the staff are inclined to concede that point to Teresa!

Katy shared room #41 with two other language students, Clara from Taiwan and Melanie from Switzerland, who were both also strong contenders for the title of “nicest guest ever” in the hostel. All in all, a wonderfully matched trio!

They have become fast (albeit long-distance) friends and all developed strong English skills having been put together for eight or nine months with no common language.

Katy says she wanted to “work for an Ambassador” when she finishes university. Those who have met her don’t think she’ll “work” for an Ambassador. We tend to think that she’ll be an Ambassador one day!

Katy has an unusual double barreled name that we hadn’t encountered before or since – until the other day! An attractive young girl from Venezuela checked in as a long-term English language student about three days ago.

Her name is Viviana (or Vivi, for short) and it turns out it she is Katy’s little sister who has come to Canada on exactly the same study program!

We told Teresa of her arrival and she is anxious to meet Vivi. Because if she’s anything like her big sister, we have a pretty terrific young lady with us!

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Photo of Vivi taken this New Year on a trip to Spain. That’s Little Katy (5’3″) behind her along with Big Stewart (6’5″) from Oz. They met right here 2 years ago!

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