It’s Freaking Freezing!

Toronto has a reputation for free, quality public events, especially in the summer.

But if you have a thirst for adventure, you’ve got to come here in January or February – the coldest months of the year!.

“Cold “snap” is an appropriate term: when the temperature dips this low, things tend to break

– The Toronto Star, January 15 2009.

We’ve been experiencing temperatures of -23C (+) and if you factor in the “wind chill” effect the temperature exceeds -40C!

The above quote from the local newspaper was written this morning when the temperature has risen to a balmy -17C!

Still, water pipes burst; locks freeze shut; cars won’t start; people gladly fork over 20 bucks for young, hardy souls to take their dogs for a walk!

Do you like danger? Well, these are temperatures that can actually kill you!

Canadians are well equipped to deal with double-digit, sub-zero temperatures. We all have appropriate clothing and ALL houses and buildings are well-insulated and centrally heated!

In the downtown core, there are fully 27 kilometers of interconnected underground shopping complexes with (literally) thousands of stores. It is called the “PATH SYSTEM”. However, it is very easy to get lost in this underground (heated) labyrinth.

To people like our “Muffin” – Myriam, a former staff member (now in SE Asia) who spent a year in the Northwest Territories, -23C is NOT cold weather. It’s about the temperature that northerners consider buttoning up their vests! (“Muffin” got to be pretty “Macha” after her year in the far North!)

But a dog walker was confronted by a frozen latch on the gate of a public park. She had just purchased a cup of hot tea so she poured some over the frozen latch.

It snapped off! And she was in.

Snow & Cold - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Hostel Canada

Snow & Cold - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Hostel Canada

Cooling a beer on the back patio (takes about 3 minutes!)

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