Glasgow, Scotland, has a reputation of being quite a wild town and especially, so the song goes. after “a couple of drinks on a Saturday…”

We’ve done quite a few entries in this blog on a legendary, infamous, boisterous group affectionately referred to as the “Canadiana Lager Louts and Animalettes”.

This hard partying group was formed by seven of our long-term guests a little over three years ago. A lot of their party antics cannot be recounted in a blog that is family oriented. Some of their past stunts have been seriously insane!

They have been the subject of several of our past (heavily censored) blog entries.

Of the seven original members of this rapidly expanding club only Matt from Oz is still here at the moment on a return visit toToronto . And little Genesis. an original Animalette, is back home in Mexico awaiting Matt’s visit in about three weeks from now.

But right now fully five of the original seven have invaded Scotland and are planning a “party” (that will likely last for days) in Glasgow, Scotland.

Simon and Pearcey, both from England have joined Jonno from Oz and Madeline from Germany in Glasgow for an impromptu reunion. They are still waiting to hear from Mitch from Kinross to arrive.

This will mean that five of the original seven will be back together to threaten the public peace of Scotland!

If you think Glasgow was a wild time before, just wait until after this weekend!

Glasgow - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Backpacker Youth Hostle

Simon. Madders, Jonno and Pearcey (getting ready to destroy Glasgow!)

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