Captain Justin

He’s just back from Kandahar Province, Afghanistan where he served as a Captain in combat.

Justin was an armed forces officer in the Canadian Reserves who has transferred to the regular forces to receive para-medic training.

It’s actually quite a commitment when you consider the fact that we are currently at war!? But, having said that, there is also no time when those particular skills are more needed.

Justin did his reserve officers training at the Royal Military College, in Kingston, Ontario. (RMC Kingston is Canada’s equivalent to West Point, Sandhurst and St. Cyr Military College.

When he finishes his training, Justin will owe the army another six-years of service to “pay” for his rather expensive training.

It is also likely that he will get “hands on” experience in a war zone since our commitment to NATO will see Canadian troops in harm’s way in Afghanistan for the foreseeable future.

In addition, the Americans (namely Barack Obama) are trying to get us to extend our troop deployment in the region.

The Canadians have proven their worth doing much’ of the “heavy lifting” among NATO troops in the war zone.

Justin’s skills and dedication will be much needed by our troops in the field and much appreciated by all Canadians!

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