I suppose suppose you might safely say that Dominic has a certain afinity for numbers.

He’s an American grad student from Stanford University in California currently working on his Doctorate in Mathematics.

He is busy checking out our city because he has decided to transfer to the University of Toronto where he plans to complete his dissertation.

His adviser, a professor at Stanford, accepted a position at the U of T and Dominic has been carrying on long-distance communications with him for more than a year.

It just isn’t the same. Face to face meetings he has found are often required and he has found can be so much more beneficial.

So far, this California man has liked what he’s seen here.Toronto does, indeed, have a lot to offer.

We’ve asked him if he has experienced our winter. Well, not yet. (Boy! Is he ever in for a surprise!)

Nonetheless in the short time he has been with us, Dominic has shown himself to be personable, popular, affable and adaptive. If he doesn”t mind a little cold and snow, he should be a pretty good fit here in Toronto.

..Dominic at Torontos Backpackers Youth hostel Canadiana Backpackers Inn toronto

Winter is coming. Just you wait Dominic!

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