At the end of June last year we met three young American students/tourists who had driven all the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a visit to Toronto. (See June 20, 2009 entry:”But it’s only 19 in Toronto!”)

As you can guess from the title of the last entry, they made the trip here to take advantage of the lower drinking age in Canada! (They aver that they came here for the multicultural experience of Toronto!)  That is arrant B.S.!

On their last visit we dubbed these three fun-loving, young American students “The Yankee Miscreants”. (They loved the title!)

John, Ryan and Khongchee did Milwuakee proud with their consumption of the beverage that made their hometown famous!  They were actually a lot of fun and a pleasure to host!

Yesterday, in the dead of our Canadian winter we heard some loud (very loud) voices booming out of our common area! Our first thought was: “Another group of young American students!” Then I saw Ryan.

Apparently John and Ryan came back with two friends (but minus Khongchee). I didn’t see John until much later as it was only about 8PM and John was already “resting in bed from his beer break”!

They are only here for two days then they are leaving for Montreal to see how much havoc they can cause in Quebec!  The lads have brought two replacements for Khongchee; Dan and Big “D”.

Dan is a Milwaukee Police Officer;  Big “D” a Firefighter; Ryan is a Para Medic; and John is an academic – all responsible members of society. Yet we are busy obtaining their U.S. contact details in case they are in need of anything from home- like bail money!

But they have met some of our gorgeous Irish girls who are presently staying here so we haven’t managed to speak to them about their plans. (It is likely our responsibility to warn the young Irish Coleens!)  So, be careful ladies!

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