Viva Las Vegas! Viva Toronto!

Christine is a Las Vegas girl. So she’s used to bright lights, dry desert air and hot, hot weather.

She arrived at the hostel last fall and stayed to enjoy our pleasant winter season. Oddly enough, that’s when a lot of Toronto residents are looking to head to places like Las Vegas to give their money to the Casinos there.

Christine fit int to hostel life quite smoothly. She made a lot of friends here.

She’s hoping to move here on a permanent basis. I guess our winter did not deter her.

In fact, this winter (so far) has been a very mild one. Mild, by Canadian standards, that is. We’ve still got about six or seven weeks left before spring. So there is plenty of time for Old Man Winter to savage us!

Christine had to leave a few days ago to attend to0 her affairs down south. However, she has promised to return very soon.

She has commented on this blog and on our Facebook site that she really misses the hostel and Toronto.

Confidentially, we all miss her as well. And we can’t wait until she returns.


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Christine as “Little Miss Muffet” at our Haloween Party.

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