Live to Work or Work to Live?

We’ve said it before, but a lot of people seem to treat life as if it were a dress rehearsal.

You see a lot of individuals chasing dreams that they have been conditioned to desire and attain. And quite a number of people become pretty successful doing just that.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy.

Michael was a very successful corporate attorney.  He was actually our lawyer. And “was” is the operative word.

He’s still quite young and a good number of years short of the official retirement age of sixtly-five. He’s packed it in early. Quite a brave move.

Too many successful people have bought into the concept of professional success that will help them buy their dreams. Then they discover, late in life, that by the time they have got their shopping list together, a lot of stores have alrready been closed.

Michael has always enjoyed travel and films. So he’s retired early and is traveling with his wife to Rajasthan in the remote northwest of India. He’d always dreamed of making just such a journey.

He is also pursuing his avocation of independent film production and already has a few documentaries to his credit. A few feature films are in early production planning stages.

As we have constantly repeated in this blog ad nauseum, life can and should be a grand adventure. And for people like Michael, a new adventure is just beginning!

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Our learned backpackpacker Michael.

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