“VAGABOND” is a word that can mean a lot of different things depending on context.

Traditionally, it describes an indigent hobo. It can describe a unconventional bohemian lifestyle. Or the name once appropriated by a particularly nasty motor cycle gang.  But to Rolf Potts, it has meant a career.

Potts penned a book called “Vagabonding”  – a term which he  describes as simply ‘Long term travel”. But if you read his book or watch his speeches, you will see that it is much more than that.

It describes a lifestyle of those who never tire of learning and experiencing. A life reserved for the type of personality who hungers for knowlege and always wonders what is on the far side of the hill.

Working in a hostel, we see all types of travelers. We get travelers who miss “home” very badly and long for the safe haven of the familiar. In short, the kind of person who should never have left home.

We also see those who are true “VAGABONDS” choosing an unencumbered life free-on-the-earth!

There is a link provided to Rolf Pott’s blog on the home page of our blog. But you can start by looking at one of his recent speeches posted on  the Tim Ferriss blog appended below. Rolf Potts just might be one of the most truly free people you can possibly to meet.


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