There really is no way of putting this delicately. (What’s more we don’t even want to!)

Betty - Canadiana Backpackers Toronto Youth HostelsBut our Toronto Hostel has the most gorgeous ladies of all the hostels in Toronto. That’s just a fact. So live with it all you other hostels!

It has been that way for as long as anyone can remember and we have pics on our wall of a lot of past beauties. Ladies like CSI Cathy (a forensic investigator); Aniko (a Professional Belly Dancer); or Tania (a high-fashion model); Sabine (a Parisian student); and Christine (Las Vegas model/dancer), to name only a few – stunning beauties all!

But every, once in a while, there comes a lady with a certain something “extra” that used to be referred to in Hollywood as an “IT” girl. (You’ve got to think way back to Hollywood legends like Clara Bow or Greta Garbo.)

We just heard from “Adventure Girl”. Her name is Betty and she hails from Romania. And Betty has “IT”. She grew up under a repressive regime headed by the notorious Communist Dictator, Nicolai Ceausescu.

Unfortunately for him, the people ended his tyranny and made him go away with some well placed bullets! Serious people these Romanians!

Betty - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto HostelsBetty can be found wearing anything from a bikini to a burka and looks incredible in either. She can be seen petting tigers and holding items from a snake to an M16 rifle! She attracts males like bees to honey and it is quite funny to watch them trip over their tongues!

She’s working in Stavanger, Norway at present – Norwegian is just one of the seven languages this multi-talented, multi-tattooed, multi-lingual beauty can manage!

But she’s off on another adventure very shortly. She’s likely to have been asked to leave Norway! You see, she’s so hot she is probably being blamed for climate change.

Best of luck in Southern Africa Betty! As the Zulu would say; Hamba Kuchle! (“Go Well!”).

(But knowing her, she’s probably learned that language already!) Look out world! Here she comes!

Betty - Canadiana Backpackers Toronto Youth Hostel Canada

Betty - Canadiana Backpackers Toronto Youth Hostel Canada

Betty - Canadiana Backpackers Toronto Youth Hostel Canada

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