A Cultural Exchange/Lasting Friendships

“A Cultural Exchange”. That’s pretty much describes one of the nice things about our hostel. (Among many, I hasten to add!)

We have hosted travelers from all over the world from Bulgaria to Bora Bora. At our Toronto hostel you are likely to meet a future “life-long friend” from another community, culture and country.

It happens with great regularity, right here, in downtown Toronto! For instance” we have randomly selected some comments from a Facebook site started a year or so ago by a former guest from Germany.

It already has almost a thousand members! Check out some of the comments posted just since Christmas 2009!

Canadiana Toronto HostelsBec Maddocks Thanks for the awesome experience! I am planning a trip back asap! It was great meeting all the other Aussies; it was a little reminder of home! Can’t wait to come back.

February 22 at 12:34pm

Alfa Omega Hi Everybody, I have been hosted several times at Canadiana Backpackers Inn. I am going traveling again to Toronto Next 28th March and I would like to know about events for that time. I am Carlos from Celaya, Gto. México. I hope to receive information about it and about guests in that time in order to make friends.

February 28 at 3:55p

Canadiana Toronto HostelsStuart Neild Sh*t hot place to stay! Made friends for life here and met a hot Swedish girl! Also met: Ectic (sic) Saffas! Mad Aussies; Crazy Scots; Stinking English (Pearcey and Simon) :) ; Drunk Irish; OoH La La French; and some quality Canadians. (Along with half of south America and one dude who said he was from Guyana but I am sure he was from Jamaica.)

February 4 at 5:42am

Canadiana Toronto Hostels

You forgot the Germans…

February 4 at 1:28pm


Und ze Germans of course Julia; The Pitzi Pitzi girls (Tamara & Sabine); Carsten Bernd; Tobi . Sorry. guys!

February 4 at 3:00pm

Canadiana Toronto HostelsJulia Ackermann

haha, Thanx Kristina ;-) I just didn’t want to remember him.. But thanks Stuart for completing your list, great honor :-) ! You both are always welcome in our beautiful country ;-) !

February 5 at 7:37am


Canadiana Toronto HostelsGrace Kelleher is fearr liom an canadiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This hostel has changed my life its the best place not only in Toronto but in the world! If coming to Toronto do not spend twenty five dollars on the CN Tower book in to the Canadiana where friends and banter can be had. There are no strangers in here. Only friends you haven’t met yet.  HOLLER TO ALL MY PEEPS that I have met there. Love ye all especially you googlejumpers, thanks for the memories lads I’ll be back soon have the red carpet out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

January 23 at 6:36pm

Canadiana Toronto HostelsClaire Mc Donnell Grace u legend please dont leave me! The place wont be the same without you.  I love this place it’s the best place in the world!  You have not lived until you’ve come here!

January 23 at 6:40pm

Canadiana Toronto HostelsChristine Szabo I have been gone since the 19th and miss everyone there already so very much. I will be back for a week before I have to leave for good to head back to Vegas. My 4 months at the Canadiana was so much fun I will be back for sure this summer!!

January 21 at 6:35pm

Canadiana Toronto HostelsEli Magdiel Gonzalez Ulloa im sorry i coulnt make it this year……I missed the Canadiana hostel. I always have much fun there. I hope to return next year

December 26, 2009 at 5:57pm

Canadiana Toronto HostelsRaymond Tarm I miss the Candiana! Quite frankly, the Candiana p*sses all over where I’m staying now! Am I allowed to say that? Haha. Love all you guys. Have a great Christmas and New Years. Probably see you guys again in the Spring!

December 12, 2009 at 4:13pm

So, folks? Are you getting the picture? Join us at one of the best hostels anywhere. You won’t be lonely here. We promise!

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