Well? Does anybody know?

The search for happiness has spawned a more than ten-billion dollar annual publishing/lecture industry in North America alone.

Self-help books run the entire gamut in an unregulated industry.  People can (and do) buy into concepts such as “thinking good thoughts will cure cancer”. Really?

Maybe. But that statement is exactly what it appears to be. It is little more than an unsubstantiated assertion. (i.e. : It is true because I say it is!”)

Then there are books such as “The Road Less Traveled” by the late Psychaiatrist M. Scott Peck, that remanined on the N.Y. Times Bestseller List for more than 15 years.

It begins with the simple premise and statement, “Life is hard.”

You bet it is. We all seek to be happy. Backpackers for sure. Isn’t that the whole point of travel? To see what is out there. To learn.

But does anybody really know what would make them happy? Money? Freinds? A romantic attachment? Success? Fame?

So we are requesting comments. Please take the time to answer the following question in the comments section. “What would make you happy?”

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