Ana, Jane and Miriam are three young Irish coleens who met during their days studying at the University of Maynooth. They are in Canada only technically as part  of the much discussed Irish Diaspora of 2009/2010.

All three ladies were gainfully employed back in Erie but decided to join the massive employment exodus because it was a grand adventure.

Ana, is known to her travel companions as “Smokey” because she likes cigarettes.¬† That moniker is an example of outright hypocrisy as they all smoke!

Jane, is called “Trudge” (for some unfathomable reason) even though she seems to walk with a fairly normal gait.

Miriam, is known as “Fanny” because it is a homophone of her surname. That’s reasonable.

Suffice to say that Smokey, Trudge and Fanny have all settled in to the hostel social scene and can usually be found with fellow long-term backpackers on the hostels patio having a drink – and smoking.

Coleens - Canadiana Backpackers Hostel Toronto

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