We’ve told you about them before. They are a well-known singing duo from the south of France. They are called “Tabernak”, which just means Tabernacle in French. A nice name for a pair of mellow folk singers.

However, in Quebecquois (the Canadian dialect of  French) it is used as a very common explitive. It has the connotation and force of “God Damn!”. Quite a difference, you see.

Anyhow, Candace and Guillaume arrived here several weeks ago with a bicycle planning a tour of Ontario and Quebec. The bike was Guillaume’s and Candace planned on purchasing a bike of her own.

Here at our hostel in Toronto, we have several quality touring bikes purchased from cycling backpackers who’s final stop on their cycling tour is the Canadiana Backpackers Inn.

So, we offered to lend Candace a bike for her trip. We provided her with a Nakamura 21-speed touring bike to which she attached her backpackers bike bags.

They have just returned from a tour to Huntsville and Algonquin Provincial Park (the picturesque Muskoka region that was the scene of the 2010 G8 Meeting.

The cycling, singing backpackers never travels without their music and purchased an acoustic guitar for the trip. They have kindly donated the guitar to the hostel and autographed it.

They want future backpackers to be able to strum and sing a few tunes on our famous patio.

Merci! Tabernak!

Candace - Tabernac Vocalist - Canadiana Backpackers Inn, Hostels Toronto

Candace – Tabernac Vocalist

Guillaume - Tabernac Guitarist - Canadiana Backpackers Inn, Hostels Toronto

Guillaume – Tabernac Guitarist