Toronto is well-known as a city composed of “neighbourhoods”. Our hostel in Toronto is located in the Downtown core of the city and is the only of the youth hostels located in the heart of the Entertainment District.

The downtown centre of the city is comprised of about 25 seperate and distinct neighbourhoods.

The hostel is a five to ten minute walk to Chinatown and the famous Kensington Market. Chinatown is the place to eat and Kensington is a trendy rather bohemian and eclectic neighbourhood.

Long ago, Spadina (now Chinatown) and the adjacent Kensington Market was where early Jewish immigrants settled. Over the years the Jews have migrated to the upscale Forest Hill neighbourhood and have been supplanted by Chinese on Spadina Avenue.

Kensigton shows only a few vestiges of it’s early Jewish history such as an old, little used, Synagogue built pre-war in the 1930′s.

It is now a decidedly trendy “market”. There are fruit stands, butcher shops, retro-clothing boutiques, ethnic spice stores and even “head shops” specializing in pot paraphenalia. (We ran into actor Woody Harrelson, from Cheers in the Hot Box Cafe enjoying a joint.)

Anyhow, the point of this blog entry is to let you know that of all the Toronto Hostels, the Canadiana is right in the middle of where it’s all happening.

It stands to reason that Toronto’s Entertainment District is dead-centre of the city. And our hostel in in the centre of the Entertainment District.

To explore Toronto, our hostel is the place to begin!

Kensington Market - Canadiana Toronto Backpackers Inn Hostels

Kensington Market - Canadiana Toronto Backpacker youth hostel In canada

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