María del País Vasco

We get backpackers of virtually every culture and ethnicity staying at our Toronto Hostel. In fact, the hostels guests come  from as many different cultures that comprise the city itself.

Toronto is the most cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic city in the world. People from every country, all over the world, live in Toronto. At least 200 languages are spoken in Toronto.

Maria is from Pais Vasco or The Basque Country Region of Spain. It is an autonomous community of only 7,000 sq. kilometers and about 2.3 million inhabitants nesteled in the crook of the Bay of Biscay between Spain and France.

The Greater Region of the Basque domain is considerably larger that the autonomous region of Spain. The traditional Basque territory comprises a portion of southern France as well.

The Basque people have a separate language and culture but only an estimated 3 million ethnic Basque in the region.

Maria is a Vascos (as the Spanish would say) and the Basque Region of France was gradually annexed beginnibg in the 15th Century.

As 90% of Basque people are Spanish Nationals, the separatist movement is naturally stronger in Spain; this accounts for the measure of political autonomy  of the region.

We didn’t know a great deal about this area of Spain/France. But lovely Maria is one of the kindest, happiest and gregarious of any language student we have ever hosted.

We’ve learned a lot by having Maria here as a guest. By traveling and staying in hostels, you learn something every day.

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